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Axe Throwing At Home In Tampa

We Will Bring The Fun To You

Civil Axe Throwing is happy to announce we are offering a new in-home delivery of our Tampa axe throwing experience! You’re at home and can’t binge on Netflix forever, so let us help bring some much needed fun and axe-citement to you!

Contact - Tampa

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With our at-home Civil Axe Throwing experience, you get:

  • Two hours with one of our Axepert coaches
  • Full setup and teardown
  • Private axe throwing for up to eight players

Bring Axe Throwing To Your Own Backyard!

We know how trying 2020 was, and we are working to bring you some fun and excitement in the safety of your own property. While you hang out and relax, our team will arrive, set up everything, and make sure the area is safe for axe throwing. During your session, your Axepert coach will train everyone on the proper form and safety precautions needed so that everyone can enjoy the fun AXE-perience. Once your session is over, you won’t have to worry about cleanup duty! Our team will clean the space and remove all equipment from your backyard.

Fun For The Whole Family

Our axe throwing extravaganzas are perfect for family events or gatherings of close friends and neighbors. We encourage all participants to join in as long as they are over the age of 10. Whether you want to just relieve some built-up stress or you want to create a fun new family tradition, axe throwing in Tampa is perfect for you!

What You Need To Know

Only one group of up to eight players is allowed at once. This will keep all experiences private and ensure the safety of those participating as well as our Civil Axe Throwing staff. We also require all participants to wear close-toed shoes during throwing events. To make a reservation, you must have a flat backyard area with a minimum of 30ft x 30ft of space. In these difficult times, we’re grateful to be able to bring some much needed fun and activity to your family. We’re in this together!

Due to travel logistics, all reservations are subject to approval, and a $25 travel fee applies for any location 20 miles or less (round trip) from our location. If you are located further than 20 miles away from our location, you will be charged an additional $.60 per mile. If a reservation is not approved, we will immediately issue a full refund.

Start Your Own Adventure Today

When you’re ready to get started with your own backyard axe throwing adventure in Tampa or the surrounding areas, get in touch with Civil Axe Throwing! Our team will be delighted to bring the fun of axe throwing to the safety of your home. Schedule your own time today online or reach out via phone for more information.