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Whether you’re looking to channel your inner lumberjack or you just want to try out an interesting and fun hobby, axe throwing — or hatchet throwing — is a unique sport that’s taking North America by storm. Join us in Baton Rouge to find out what all the excitement is about! It’s easy to start as a beginner, and everything is designed with your fun and safety in mind. It’s about as easy to learn as throwing darts, with the added excitement of axes. Join us at Civil Axe Throwing in Baton Rouge for an ideal way to celebrate a special occasion, organize a team building event, or simply have a great time with family and friends! There’s no bad reason to come try axe throwing!

We have professional instructors on staff to teach you and facilitate your experience with us the entire time you’re here. Watch out, though — once you stick your first throw, you’ll be hooked! Walk-ins are welcome, but to ensure you have a spot upon arrival, we recommend booking ahead online. Don’t forget to bring your own beer and food for an even better experience. Contact us online today to schedule a session, and come visit us in Baton Rouge!