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Decatur Axe Throwing logoComing Soon: Axe Throwing in Decatur, AL!

If you’d like to channel something a little more primal and engage in a simple, but thrilling new activity by yourself or with friends, then Civil Axe Throwing has the thing for you. Axe throwing is a recently revived sport that’s as old as time. As the premier axe throwing company in the southeast, we like to have fun. Our motto is “throw an axe, be awesome, repeat,” and we live up to it everyday. 

Throwing an axe is actually easier than it looks, and anyone that’s over the age of 10 and able-bodied should have no trouble doing it. Still, safety is our primary concern aside from you having a good time, so we have trained professionals on hand to help you get down the basics and to give you safety tips before your session begins

Check back soon for updates on our Decatur opening, or email [email protected] with any questions.

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