How much does it cost?

Tickets are $20/hour per person. 

What should i wear?

There are no specific dress requirements, accept for one. For safety, you must wear closed toed shoes to be able to participate.

Do you provide all the equipment?

Yes, we supply all materials and equipment including the axes.


Throwing an axe has nothing to do with size or strength. Our trained coaches will show you the proper technique during orientation and you'll be surprised how easy it is! Once you land your first throw, you’ll be hooked for life!

What is the age requirement?

You must be 14 or older.

Can i come with a couple of friends or a date?

You sure can! Walk-ins are always welcome, but to ensure there is space when you arrive we recommend making an online reservation. 

What if I have less than 8 people?

If you have less than 8 people in your group, no problem! However, If you don't purchase all tickets, you may be paired with other players. But not to worry, throwing axes is a great way to meet new people! You'll be axe buddies for life!

What is your cancelation policy?

All sales are final. However, we definitely understand that things come up. Please let us know right away if you have a conflict and we will work with you to reschedule your reservation.

can i add more people to my Group event reservation?

If you would like to bring more than 8 people, let us know. We can create a custom schedule for your group. Guaranteed fun!

Do you have leagues?

Yes, we do. For more info, go here!

can i bring food and Drinks?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring food and drinks! *(Excluding our Memphis location on Broad Street)

Do you provide plates and eating utensils?

No, you will be responsible to supply those things if you plan to bring food.

Can we bring our own axes or other throwing items?

You sure can, but please contact us prior to coming. We do not allow double-edge axes.

how do I make a reservation?

Go the the book now page of your location to find all the available times and experiences. We look forward to seeing you!